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Cognitive Behavior Therapy, CBT Workshop


Full 3-day Cognitive Behavior Therapy Workshop.

CBT is a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment focusing on practical approaches 
to problem-solving. It is used to help people develop more beneficial patterns of 
thoughts and feelings by changing patterns of thinking and behaviour that are the 
causes of disruption and difficulties.
Cipta Aliansi Edukasi’s CBT workshop is a full 3-day workshop for counselling 
students, graduates, and professionals to learn how to prescribe and practically 
administer CBT for anger management, interpersonal communications, and han-dling of personal or professional relationships.

Piyali Charkrabarti, M.Phil

Piyali is a Singapore Registered Psychologist (SRP), specializing in Clinical 
Psychology. She is committed to working with individuals across different 
clinical and organizational settings. Her work involves the application of 
behavioral science to predict, identify and comprehend the interactions 
and reactions of an individual in both personal & group setting.
She works as a Clinical Psychology Consultant, Scott Psychological Centre 
for ADHD & Developmental Trauma in Singapore. Piyali is doctoral 
candidate in Clinical Psychology, Group Psychotherapy, Professional 
School of Psychology, California, USA. 
Join us to find practical solutions for ourselves and our clients in distress. 
Find out how:
• To re-construct our thoughts.
• To Recognize maladaptive patterns of thinking/acting
• To decrease the intensity & frequency of problematic symptoms
• To develop adaptive responses
• To increase coping skills
• To prevent relapse.


Gedung E-Building lantai 2, Komplek Harmoni Plaza Blok I No. 2-4, 
Jalan Suryopranoto, Jakarta Pusat


Thursday-Saturday, 5-7 July 2018
Note: CBT workshop is delivered in english (CAE provides translator only for 
participants who ask in bahasa) 


Day 1
• Introduction of all members, course objective and timetable
• Learning expectation
• Participants learning goals from this course
• What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
• History of CBT
• Identify the activating agent (A)
• Identify & evaluate the consequences
• Identify primary & secondary emotions (C)
• Elicit the belief-thinking (B)
Day 2
• Review Day 1 case work & and timetable for day 2
• Basic CBT case conceptualization
• Formulate B-C connections
• Setting goals
• Disputations
• Role Play

Day 3
• Review and timetable for day 3 
• Anger Management & CBT
• Communication, Toxic relationship & CBT
• CBT at work place
• Role Play
• Feedback
• Summary and closure